Monday, September 15, 2008

When is tea just a tea?

When it is just a tea.

Seems that there has been some confusion about the afternoon teas that Blankspace and the Compound are hosting once a month. The teas usually happen on the 3rd Sunday of the month. We offer up Numi Teas both iced and hot and some free baked goodies. Sounds pretty delightful right? But it seems that people are confused about the what and the why...

So here is a little back story to help clarify:

The Compound gallery and Blankspace collectively came up with the idea to help bring in foot traffic on a regular Sunday. Nothing more, nothing less. Tea seemed to be the best way to have an event without having to host another big event for the month (much easier than the rock & roll bingo we use to host!). Having it on the 3rd Sunday seems the best choice because it usually falls in the middle of an exhibition, no too close to an opening or first Friday reception and by then we have cards or info for our next exhibition, not to mention foot traffic has usually slowed by then. Also, it is a nice way for us to support and be supported by a great local company, Numi Tea....

I hope that explains it....tea on Sunday is fun....nothing more.

Change is in the Air
Now lets talk about a few changes and happenings with a couple of art galleries in Oakland.

If you have not already heard Adam Hatch has taken over the space that was Ego Park and will be calling the space simply "Hatch". If I had a great last name like that I would also use it as a gallery name. Unfortunately "Johnson" doesn't cut it. Anyway, he had already been curating the space for 6 months prior to the official change but I am excited to see the shows he will be hosting in the coming year. Adam has been the master mind behind some epic Oakland exhibitions in the past. One to watch....

Esteban Sabar gallery has officially closed and is rumored to become another gallery. I don't have much info on the new tenant, but I thought it was worth mentioning.

In the next few months there will be some changes happening over in the Jack London Square corner. Swarm will be moving one block up and over and Pro Arts is said to be moving over to the the Swarm space and possibility be taking over the studios? But that has not be fact checked so do not quote on that. I am excited to see what the new Swarm gallery will look like. Speaking of both spaces there are two good shows happening at both right now, so if you find yourself in the London Square 'hood check them out.

Rowan Morrison gallery will be doing a book with artist John Casey due to be released in mid fall, very excited to see the fruits of that labor. Love John Casey, love Rowan Morrison.

and of course I can't end this bloggy blog without mentioning the next exhibition at blankspace. We will be hosting a exhibit( having trouble coming up with a kick-ass title) of artists who are gallery director/owners. Let me tell you the artists I am including in the exhibit are just the tip of the iceberg. Once I starting thinking about it and writing down names I began to realize that this is a much larger project than one exhibit. So it looks like part 2 may be hosted at Rowan Morrison in 2009.

Anyway here is the list of artists for part I:

Eleanor Harwood
Nicole Neditch
Narangkar Glover
Pete Glover
Kevin Chen
Carrie Lederer
Michelle Mansour
Jen Elia
Daniel Healey
Margaret Tedesco

the show will open October 25 - November 17, 2008

thanks for reading