Friday, June 12, 2009

Indie Biz of the Week and more

Well it has been a couple of weeks since i updated this bog...I apologize... I have been busy installing the latest Blankspace show
and revamping the gallery store with new items and lovely objects.

So instead of featuring just one Indie Biz, I would like to showcase some of my favorite EastBay vintage stores
, in no particular order.

Each is great in its own way. But I would like to add that I have found that I have found from experience that Twisters is great for shoes and A-line dresses, and that Pretty Penny has great 70's everything- I purchased more than a few great belts from there...and Premium has great prices...

All of these places are on the list because at one time or another I have found something awesome AND the people behind the counter were always nice to me...bonus.

First, on San Pablo @ Dwight there is a cluster of great vintage clothing stores (called the EastBay Style Collective), Twisters Vintage, Dolled up and Icon.

Down at Lulu's
6603 Telegraph Avenue

(at 66th St)
Oakland, CA 94609
(510) 601-0964
Pretty Penny
5488 College Ave

(between Forest St & Lawton Ave)
Oakland, CA 94618
(510) 594-9219

Premium Tattoo and Vintage
4130 Broadway

(between 41st St & Ridgeway Ave)
Oakland, CA 94611
(510) 922-8901

Brownies Vintage
2001 Milvia St

(between Addison St & University Ave)
Berkeley, CA 94704
(510) 548-5955


"just because there are questions doesn't mean there are answers"

new collaborative work by
Sam Lopes, Joy Fritz and Friends

June 5 - July 5, 2009

First Friday reception:

July 3rd 7-10pm

“Just because there are questions, doesn’t mean there are answers” is a project inspired by a game of copy cat - where each artist tries to emulate one another’s style. The exhibition includes work by Joy Fritz, Sam Lopes, Matthew Momchilov, Matthew Pawlowski.

The exhibition of drawings and largescale wooden and paper mache artifacts are a result of the artists’ use of a game to stay inspired and connected to their queer histories and futures, of laughing in spite of deep pain, and constantly, creatively UNdefining themselves so that there are more questions and less answers.



Spirit Orb Color Field
an installation by Emily Sevier

Emily Sevier has created an installation of fabric spirit orbs influenced by the chromatic explorations of the Color Field painters and by the graphic color patterns of the 1960s. The soft and floppy felt orbs radiate a bright energy welcoming the viewer from a homespun portal to the otherworld.

Along with the sculpture she is showing some great new drawings. Not to miss!!
5- JULY 5, 2009
opening reception: JUNE 5th, 7-10pm
First Friday Reception: JULY 3rd 7-10pm


21 Grand is doing its first ever juried exhibition - the theme is "Wrong"

Jurors: Svea Lin Vezzone and Misako Inaoka

This exhibition is open to all genres including visual art (video, installation, painting, sculpture, drawing, photo, etc), sound/audio, performance-based disciplines, social practice projects and hybrid forms. Proposals for new projects and collaborative works are welcome.

Entry fee is $15
Deadline for entries: received by 6PM, Friday, July 17, 2009.
More info here:


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Each month you will receive a new piece of fine art by a different artist. Give the GIFT of ART for someone special or for yourself. By subscribing, you receive high quality works worth much more than the subscription cost AND you support local artists AND The Compound Gallery!

Our 11 featured artists are talented and creative individuals that create amazing and collectible, marvelous works of art. All artwork will be accompanied by the artist’s bio and will be contained in an 11” x 17” x 3” box.

Adrian Van Allen Audrey Roy Ben Belknap Crystal Morey Eric Sanchez Kerri Lee Johnson Lena Verderano Reynoso Matt Reynoso Obi Kaufmann Tallulah Terryll YaChin Bonny You