Saturday, February 6, 2010

Steuart Pittman show at Blankspace

Blankspace is back from vacation and we just opened our latest exhibit

new paintings by Steuart Pittman
February 5 - March 14th

see images from the exhibit by clicking HERE

Also in THE SHOP
is I'm Sure: artists' charms for sale
featuring specially commissioned charms by local and international artists. The artists have used paper, wood, plastic, and metal to make the charms, which have been interpreted as decorative ornaments, tokens to ward off evil, and as objects to allure and attract. Every charm is for sale, and will be available only for the duration of the two month long show.
We are proud to be partnering with local curator and purveyor of fun ideas, Courtney Dailey.

I'm Sure: artists' charms for sale
opens Saturday, January 23rd 6-9pm
runs thru March 14th

Artists included: Alethea Beeker , Sita Bhaumik, Val Britton, Alex Gery, Helena Keeffe, Crystal Kovacs, Thomasin Parnes, Irit Reinheimer, Rachel Robertson, Leah Rosenberg, Fereshteh Toosi, Anna Whitehead, Julianne Ahn Onya Hogan-Finlay and Shoko Yamamura

Courtney Dailey is a maker of projects, exhibitions, and objects who is a recent East-coast transplant to the Bay Area. She has spent the last twelve years paying close attention to the display and arrangement of things, in retail spaces and galleries, and the

Shop at Blankspace is the perfect melding of these two (quite related) worlds. In addition to her curatorial projects (as a founder of the projet MOBILIVRE BOOKMOBILE project, and as a long-time member of artists' collective Space 1026), she makes prints, books, drawings and annual Valentines.

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